Trolls Movie Guide Cover
Trolls Movie Guide
This Trolls movie guide provides students with an educational yet fantastic opportunity to learn an important lesson about where true happiness is found. Take full advantage of the learning opportunities in this film by using this movie guide. Discuss with your students the 11 high-level short answer and essay questions by pausing at the designated times on the movie guide. To see this product on TeachersPayTeachers and read more reviews, please click here. Please see the product images for example questions from this movie guide and download a free, complete movie guide for Kung Fu Panda 3 or Percy Jackson - Lightning Thief to see the general quality of my questions and movie guides. Note: This movie guide is in .zip format and has two pdf files, the movie guide for students and an answer key.

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Is Trolls a safe movie for my students or my kids?

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You're Welcome - Music Video Lesson Plan
You’re Welcome Moana Music Video Lesson Plan
Turn the lyrics of a song that students are crazy about into a learning opportunity! This lesson plan takes the lyrics to the popular song You're Welcome from the Disney film Moana and challenges students to analyze it as literature. Students are challenged to think critically about why people say 'you're welcome'. For example, they'll be singing along to familiar lyrics and analyzes them in a new way at the same time. Afterwards, students will rewatch the video and look at special visual details that help lend meaning to the lyrics. See the thumbnails for example questions and the preview file for higher resolution sample questions. This product includes: * 2 page student handout with 7 high-level thought provoking questions * 1 page step by step teachers lesson plan * 2 page answer key Also check out the Moana Bundle and Save 35%: Moana Movie Guide & Music Video Guide Bundle  The Bundle includes: Moana Movie Viewing Guide - Print and Digital Versions (4 pages) How Far I'll Go - Moana - Music Video & Song Lyrics Lesson Plan (3 pages) You're Welcome - Moana - Music Video & Song Lyrics Lesson Plan (3 pages) Shiny - Moana - Music Video & Song Lyrics Lesson Plan (3 pages)
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