What is the best movie of 2017 for students? Trolls is now available on DVD and Amazon!

Is Trolls really the best movie of 2017 for students?

The best movie of 2017 for students? Well, technically, Trolls was released November 4, 2016. However, for movies that are now available on DVD for the second half of the 2016-2017 school year, Trolls is definitely the trendy, yet educational, hit movie that your students will love.

When and how can I show Trolls to my students?

Have you been waiting for Trolls to drop? Wait no longer, it is available on DVD and on Amazon as of Feb. 7, 2017.  When will Trolls be out on Netflix? It will be available on Netflix on March 7.

Why should I show Trolls to my students?

Twenty minutes after I started watching this film in the theater I knew it would be a great movie to show my 6th grade students. Trolls is full of valuable lessons for kids. The most important lesson is that true happiness is not gained through material things. In a world that focuses more and more on material things, Trolls is a stark reminder that happiness is found through the relationship we have with people and through living a life that positively affects others.

How can I make Trolls a fantastic learning opportunity for my students?

I recommend showing Trolls over other movies from 2017 that are now available.  Students, just like the adult population, care about trends and are into the newest thing.  Barring taking your students to the cinema this is the newest hit movie available on DVD or Amazon.  Take advantage of your students’ interest to teach them some great lessons about life and happiness before Trolls becomes yesterday’s news. I have created a high-quality companion resource to use along with your viewing of Trolls.  The Trolls Movie guide is a 4 page PDF resource with 11 high-level short answer and essay questions. This movie guide doesn’t contain any remembering or knowledge level questions that simply ask students to regurgitate information.  Here is what one of my ELL sixth graders wrote for the final essay question.

Trolls Movie Guide - Student Example
Trolls Movie Guide – Student Example

I allowed students a few minutes to first discuss their thoughts for the essay with a partner. It was encouraging to hear them talking about how things, money or power won’t guarantee happiness.