Summer Activities for Kids: The BFG Movie Guide (PG – 2016)

June 4, 2017 By TeacherTravis Off

The BFG Movie Guide Cover

Use The BFG Movie Guide to encourage students to explore the following concepts:


The big friendly giant, has lived many lifetimes and has seen the ups and downs of humanity. He has an even keel towards life and isn’t overly optimistic or pessimistic. Sophie has grown up in an orphanage, and although she isn’t negative about life, she isn’t overtly optimistic either.


Although the odds are stacked against this unlikely duo, they never give up and come up with a plan to stop the other giants from attacking the city and taking their children.


Sophie and BFG struggle at the beginning of the movie to work together as a team, but towards the middle of the film and especially at then end they work together quite well. Despite their initial shock, the queen and her army work together with them to defeat the other giants.


Sophie at a young age has become quite independent. Although the film doesn’t overtly inspire self-confidence or self-reliance, students may be inspired by her independence throughout the movie.