Is The Lorax Good for Kids?

Calling all education enthusiasts and parental pioneers! It’s time to embark on an enlightening expedition into the brilliant and captivating realm of The Lorax. Is The Lorax good for kids? Absolutely! This blog post is your handy guide to discover why The Lorax is not just fun for kids but also an educational treasure.

The K12 Deets

The Lorax is a 2012 animated marvel, rooted in Dr. Seuss’s cherished children’s book, filled with laughter, warmth, and vital environmental messages designed to engage young minds.

What is The Lorax?

The Lorax is a whimsical tale, underscored by themes of environmental stewardship and personal integrity. The movie encapsulates a boy’s adventurous quest to win the heart of his beloved. Beyond its humor and enchanting storytelling, The Lorax offers a rich tapestry of educational moments just waiting to be discovered!

Why show the Lorax to your children/students?

The Lorax is an educational goldmine for both kids and students. It serves as an engaging platform to learn about environmental responsibility, the significance of honesty and integrity, and the consequences of our actions.

Educational Key Concepts: (see more about each concept in the K12 Kibosh Scoring section)

  • Creativity, Imagination, and Art
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Sustainability Education
  • Ethics and Moral Decision Making
  • Persistence, Resilience & Grit

Why use a movie guide?

To navigate through this forest of learning opportunities, our K12MovieGuides The Lorax Movie Guide is your ideal companion. This guide will steer you towards thought-provoking questions and discussions, allowing young learners to dive deeper into the film’s themes and lessons.

Is The Lorax Good for Kids? Use a movie guide!

What are teachers saying about this movie guide?

We used this for Earth Day and it was a hit. The movie breaks with thought provoking questions were wonderful. ~Garra M. (Rated 5 out of 5)

I enjoyed using this resource the last week of school to help students review topics! They enjoyed it as well and they didn’t realize they were learning while watching a movie! ~ Lilyanne T. (Rated 5 out of 5)

For more reviews and ratings like these go to TeachersPayTeachers where this movie guide is also available here.

The K12 Kibosh Score (95/100)

K12MovieGuides awards The Lorax an impressive 95 out of 100! This score mirrors the film’s unique blend of entertainment and educational merit, making it a perfect choice for both classroom and home-based learning. The high K12 Kibosh Score is due to the movie’s ability to masterfully incorporate several essential teaching concepts, such as:

  • Creativity, Imagination, and Art: The Lorax is an exemplar of creativity and imagination, filled with vibrant landscapes, distinct creatures, and the imaginative world of Dr. Seuss. Artistic expression is used as a storytelling device, inspiring viewers to value creativity and appreciate art as a medium for conveying critical messages.
  • Environmental Awareness: The film centers around the theme of environmental conservation, depicting a world suffering from the destruction of its natural resources. It draws attention to the importance of preserving our environment and fosters a sense of responsibility towards the natural world.
  • Sustainability Education: The Lorax offers lessons on the consequences of unsustainable practices. The once tree-filled land of Thneedville becomes a barren, desolate place due to thoughtless consumption, teaching audiences about the necessity of sustainable living for the health of our planet.
  • Ethics and Moral Decision Making: The story presents ethical dilemmas through the character of the Once-ler, who must choose between personal profit and the well-being of the environment. This plotline encourages viewers to consider the moral implications of their choices and actions.
  • Persistence, Resilience & Grit: Throughout the film, the character of Ted shows a high degree of persistence and resilience. Despite setbacks, he is determined to find a tree and restore the environment, embodying the concept of grit and the power of perseverance.

The incorporation of these crucial teaching concepts contributes to the impressive K12 Kibosh Score, making The Lorax an excellent movie choice for young minds that combines entertainment and education seamlessly.