Is Hidden Figures Educational? Uncover the Lessons in this Inspiring True Story!

May 18, 2023 By TeacherTravis 0

Hello, educational enthusiasts and parental powerhouses! TeacherTravis here, ready to blast off into the cosmos of knowledge with the movie Hidden Figures. Today, we’re diving into the heart of this inspiring true story, and trust me, it’s a journey worth taking!

The K12 Deets

Hidden Figures is a PG-rated film with a total running time of 127 minutes. Released in 2016, it’s a remarkable film that highlights the untold story of the African-American women mathematicians who played a vital role in NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program. Its historical significance lies in its portrayal of these women’s contributions and the challenges they faced due to racial and gender discrimination.

What is “Hidden Figures” about?

Hidden Figures is a compelling tale of resilience, determination, and breaking barriers. It tells the story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, three African-American women working at NASA, who were instrumental in launching astronaut John Glenn into orbit. Despite facing racial and gender discrimination, they persevered and made significant contributions to the U.S. space program.

Why show “Hidden Figures” to your children/students?

Hidden Figures is not just an entertaining movie; it’s a powerful educational tool. It offers parents and teachers a unique opportunity to discuss important themes such as civil rights, cultural appreciation, empathy, ethical decision making, and resilience. It’s a movie that can inspire children and students to overcome obstacles, strive for excellence, and believe in their potential.

Educational Key Concepts

  • Civil Rights
  • Cultural Appreciation and Inclusion
  • Empathy & EQ
  • Ethics and Moral Decision Making
  • Persistence, Resilience & Grit
  • (see more about each concept in the K12 Kibosh Scoring section)

Why use a Movie Guide?

To help you navigate this galaxy of learning opportunities, our K12MovieGuides Hidden Figures Movie Guide is your perfect companion. This guide will steer you towards thought-provoking questions and discussions, allowing young learners to dive deeper into the film’s themes and lessons.

Hidden Figures Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet | Google Formats (PG - 2016) Cover

What are teachers saying about this movie guide?

This was a great resource and so closely aligned to the movie. We had a great time in class using these materials. ~Tonya N. Rated 5 out of 5

Used during COVID lockdown in Spring 2020. Excellent movie and superb resource. Very organized and well written. Thanks! ~Scott P. Rated 5 out of 5

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The K12 Kibosh Score (97/100)

On the K12 Edutainment Score, we give “Hidden Figures” a stellar 95 out of 100! This score reflects the film’s balance of entertainment and educational value, making it an excellent choice for both classroom and at-home learning. The high K12 Kibosh Score is due to the movie’s ability to masterfully incorporate several essential teaching concepts, such as:

  • Civil Rights: The film provides a historical perspective on the civil rights movement and the fight against racial and gender discrimination.
  • Cultural Appreciation and Inclusion: “Hidden Figures” promotes understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • Empathy & EQ: The movie encourages viewers to understand and empathize with the characters’ experiences and emotions.
  • Ethics and Moral Decision Making: The story presents ethical dilemmas and decisions, encouraging viewers to consider the moral implications of their choices.
  • Persistence, Resilience & Grit: The main characters demonstrate remarkable persistence and resilience in the face of challenges and setbacks.