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Welcome to another exciting blog post where we delve into the world of movies that are not only entertaining but also educational. Today, we’re focusing on Inside Out, a film that offers a unique perspective on emotions and personal growth.

The K12 Deets

Inside Out is a 2015 animated masterpiece from Pixar, which takes us on a journey through the mind of a young girl named Riley. This film has been praised for its creative storytelling and emotional depth.

What is Inside Out about?

Inside Out is a film that explores the complex world of emotions in a fun and engaging way. It follows the story of Riley, a young girl who is navigating the challenges of a big move and growing up. Riley’s emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, are personified as characters in her mind. The film explores how these emotions interact and influence Riley’s actions and reactions.

Why show Inside Out to your children/students?

Inside Out is a fantastic tool for teaching children about emotions and how to manage them. It’s a film that encourages empathy and understanding, making it a valuable resource for both parents and teachers.

Educational Key Concepts

  • Coming of Age
  • Empathy & EQ
  • Mindfulness and Well-being
  • Persistence, Resilience & Grit
  • Self-Confidence
  • (see more about each concept in the K12 Kibosh Scoring section)

Why use a Movie Guide?

Our K12MovieGuides Inside Out Movie Guide is the perfect companion for this emotional journey. It provides thought-provoking questions and discussion prompts that will help young viewers understand and engage with the film’s themes and lessons.

Inside Out Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet (PG - 2015) Cover
Inside Out Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet (PG – 2015) Cover

What are teachers saying about this movie guide?

Great movie guide! The questions are engaging and keep students focused on important parts of the film. Good analysis and thinking questions to follow up and create a meaningful experience. ~John C. (Rated 5 out of 5)

This was a great wrap-up for a unit I do on coping with anxiety, coping with anger, making decisions, and assertiveness. ~Rebecca E. (Rated 5 out of 5)

For more reviews and ratings like these go to TeachersPayTeachers where this movie guide is also available here.

The K12 Kibosh Score (98/100)

Inside Out scores an impressive 98 out of 100 on our K12 Kibosh Score! This score reflects the film’s unique blend of entertainment and educational value. Here’s how Inside Out meets the criteria of each concept:

  • Coming of Age: Inside Out beautifully captures Riley’s transition from childhood to adolescence, showcasing her personal growth and the new responsibilities she takes on.
  • Empathy & EQ: The film encourages viewers to understand and empathize with Riley’s emotions, promoting emotional intelligence.
  • Mindfulness and Well-being: Inside Out emphasizes the importance of being present and aware of one’s emotions, promoting mindfulness and overall well-being.
  • Persistence, Resilience & Grit: Despite the emotional turmoil, Riley shows resilience and the ability to bounce back, embodying the concept of grit.
  • Self-Confidence: Throughout the film, Riley learns to trust her emotions and believe in herself, promoting self-confidence.