Is Wonder the Most Important Movie Your Students Will Ever Watch?

Welcome to another exciting exploration of the educational value of popular movies. Today, we delve into the heartwarming film, Wonder. We’ll discuss why this movie is a must-watch for your children or students, and how it can be a powerful tool for teaching essential life lessons. So, is Wonder the Most Important Movie Your Students Will Ever Watch? Let’s find out!

The K12 Deets

Wonder is a 2017 drama that has touched the hearts of audiences worldwide. It’s a story of courage, acceptance, and the power of kindness.

What is Wonder about?

Wonder tells the inspiring story of Auggie Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters fifth grade, attending a mainstream school for the first time.

Why show Wonder to your children/students?

Wonder is more than just a movie; it’s a lesson in empathy, acceptance, and the power of kindness. It offers parents and teachers a unique opportunity to discuss these important themes with their children or students. Here are some key concepts that Wonder beautifully encapsulates:

  • Bullying & Conflict Resolution
  • Coming of Age
  • Family Values
  • Friendship Building
  • (see more about each concept in the K12 Kibosh Scoring section)

Why use a Movie Guide?

Our K12MovieGuides Wonder Movie Guide is your perfect companion to navigate through the emotional journey of this film. It provides thought-provoking questions and discussion prompts that will help young viewers understand and appreciate the movie’s themes and lessons.

Wonder Movie Guide | Film Questions | Worksheet | (PG - 2017) Cover
Wonder Movie Guide | Film Questions | Worksheet | (PG – 2017)

What are teachers saying about this movie guide?

We watched too many movies last year…but it was hard with hybrid and remote, etc. But students loved this movie and these activities were very helpful keeping kids focused and on track. ~Kristina H. (Rated 5 out of 5)

Wow! This is an amazing resource to use with the movie. As a school counselor, this is perfect to use in my classroom with students. ~Carrie B. (Rated 5 out of 5)

For more reviews and ratings like these go to TeachersPayTeachers where this movie guide is also available here.

The K12 Kibosh Score (95/100)

K12MovieGuides awards Wonder an impressive 95 out of 100! This high score reflects the film’s exceptional blend of entertainment and educational value. Wonder masterfully incorporates several essential teaching concepts, such as:

  • Bullying & Conflict Resolution: The movie addresses the issue of bullying and shows how Auggie and his friends handle and resolve conflicts.
  • Coming of Age: Auggie’s journey from being home-schooled to attending a mainstream school is a classic coming-of-age story.
  • Family Values: The Pullman family’s love and support for Auggie highlight the importance of family values.
  • Friendship Building: The friendships that Auggie forms throughout the movie underscore the significance of building and maintaining meaningful relationships.