How The Outsiders Can Teach Students About Resilience and Friendship

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Are you a teacher or a parent looking for a film that can provide your students or children with valuable life lessons? Look no further than The Outsiders. This blog post will delve into the educational value of this movie, highlighting its key concepts and how it can be used as a teaching tool. So, let’s look at how The Outsiders can teach your students about resilience and friendship, shall we?

The K12 Deets

The Outsiders is a 1983 drama film that has touched the hearts of millions worldwide. It’s a story of resilience, determination, and the power of friendship.

What is The Outsiders about?

The Outsiders is a compelling story based on the novel by S.E. Hinton. It follows the lives of a group of teenagers known as “greasers” in 1950s Tulsa, Oklahoma. They face numerous challenges, including bullying, class differences, and physical attacks from the rich kids on the other side of the tracks, known as the “Socs.”

Why show The Outsiders to your children/students?

The Outsiders is a film that offers valuable life lessons and educational content. It’s a testament to the human spirit, demonstrating that with determination, resilience, and a positive attitude, one can overcome any obstacle. Here are the educational key concepts that the movie embodies:

  • Bullying & Conflict Resolution: The film showcases the greasers’ ability to stand up against the bullying Socs, providing a powerful lesson on conflict resolution.
  • Civil Rights: The movie highlights the class differences and the struggle for equality, thus promoting the idea of civil rights.
  • Empathy & EQ: The Outsiders encourages viewers to empathize with the greasers’ situation, fostering emotional intelligence. It’s a lesson on understanding and sharing the feelings of others.
  • Friendship Building: Despite their struggles, the greasers remain a tight-knit group, emphasizing the importance of friendship and support.
  • Persistence, Resilience & Grit: The core of the film revolves around the greasers’ persistence and resilience. Despite the hardships, they never give up, teaching viewers about the power of determination and grit.

Why use a Movie Guide?

Our K12MovieGuides The Outsiders Movie Guide is an excellent tool to help navigate the educational opportunities presented in the film. It provides thought-provoking questions and discussion prompts, allowing learners to delve deeper into the movie’s themes and lessons.

How The Outsiders Can Teach Students About Resilience and Friendship
The Outsiders Movie Guide

What are teachers saying about this movie guide?

This was a great anchor for my students to use after finishing our study of “The Outsiders.” They were so excited to watch the film and discuss their responses with their partners. ~Coty W. (Rated 5 out of 5)

This was a great resource to use after reading the book and watching the movie. I feel this movie guide really helped the students make connections. ~JoDee R. (Rated 5 out of 5)

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The K12 Kibosh Score (92/100)

K12MovieGuides awards The Outsiders an impressive 92 out of 100! This score reflects the film’s unique blend of entertainment and educational merit, making it a perfect choice for both classroom and home-based learning.

The Outsiders is a film that beautifully illustrates the concept of resilience and friendship. The protagonists, a group of teenagers known as the “greasers,” face numerous challenges, including bullying and class differences. Despite these hardships, they remain resilient and stand up against their bullies, demonstrating the importance of persistence and grit.

Furthermore, the film provides a powerful exploration of empathy and emotional intelligence. As viewers, we are drawn into the greasers’ struggles and triumphs, feeling their despair and joy alongside them. This emotional journey fosters empathy and understanding, encouraging viewers to consider the experiences and feelings of others.

Lastly, the film’s portrayal of friendship building is truly inspiring. Despite their struggles, the greasers remain a tight-knit group, emphasizing the importance of friendship and support. This aspect of the film significantly contributes to its high K12 Kibosh Score, making The Outsiders an excellent movie choice for young minds that combines entertainment and education seamlessly.

So, dear reader, hopefully we’ve done a good job explaining How The Outsiders Can Teach Students About Resilience and Friendship : )