The Best Way to Find Movies with Educational Content

Movies can be powerful tools for learning. They ignite imagination, convey complex ideas, and spark engaging discussions. As for myself, TeacherTravis, I recall specific films I watched in the classroom, decades later that left a profound impact. They were not just entertainment but transformative experiences that broadened my perspectives. So, what is the best way to find movies with educational content? Check out our secret sauce below!

Introduction to our 21 Educational Key Concepts:

Below is the 21 key educational concepts we’ve created in alphabetical order. These are the building blocks of learning that films can bring to life. Click on any concept to see the movies that are currently aligned with each educational key concept.

Adapting to Change:

Change is a constant. Films can portray characters navigating changing circumstances, teaching kids about flexibility and adaptability.

Bullying and Conflict Resolution:

Bullying is a prevalent issue among students. Movies can showcase the impacts of bullying and teach kids effective conflict resolution strategies. It fosters healthy communication and empathy, both crucial life skills.

Civil Rights:

Movies can depict the fight for equality and justice, making the concept of civil rights relatable. They humanize historical figures, providing a profound understanding of their struggles and achievements.

Coming of Age:

Coming of age is a pivotal phase in life. Films can beautifully portray this transition, allowing kids to empathize with characters’ growth and dilemmas, thereby preparing them for their own journey.

Creativity and Art:

Movies are artistic expressions themselves. They can inspire creativity, ignite imagination, and instill an appreciation for various art forms in young minds.

Cultural Appreciation:

In an interconnected world, cultural appreciation is paramount. Films can expose kids to diverse cultures, traditions, and perspectives, fostering tolerance and inclusivity.

Digital Literacy:

As technology dominates modern life, digital literacy becomes essential. Films can showcase the power and pitfalls of technology, promoting a responsible digital presence.

Empathy and EQ:

Movies often tap into our emotions. They provide an avenue for kids to understand others’ emotions and learn about emotional intelligence, nurturing their empathy and emotional regulation.

Environmental Awareness:

With environmental issues escalating, it’s crucial for kids to understand sustainability. Movies can highlight the importance of protecting our natural environment and responsible stewardship.

Ethics and Moral Decision Making:

Films often present characters grappling with moral dilemmas. They can encourage kids to contemplate ethical choices, helping them understand the impact of their decisions on others and themselves.

Family Values:

Movies frequently explore family dynamics, emphasizing the significance of familial bonds. They offer kids a window into the role of family in shaping identities and providing support.


Forgiveness is a vital life lesson. Films can illustrate the power of letting go of resentment, facilitating healing and personal growth.

Friendship Building:

Friendship is a recurring theme in movies. They portray the nuances of developing and sustaining friendships, underscoring the importance of trust and mutual support.

Global Citizenship:

In an increasingly globalized world, understanding international affairs is crucial. Movies can shed light on global issues, encouraging informed and responsible actions.

Historical Context:

Movies can transport us to different eras. They provide insights into past events, helping kids understand how history shapes our present and future.

Leadership Skills:

Leadership is an essential skill. Movies often portray inspiring leaders, providing lessons on guiding and influencing others towards shared goals.

Mindfulness and Well-being:

With increasing stress among kids, mindfulness becomes key. Films can emphasize the importance of self-care and living in the moment, promoting overall well-being.

Persistence and Grit:

Life is full of challenges. Movies can showcase characters overcoming obstacles, instilling persistence, resilience, and grit in young viewers.


Belief in oneself is empowering. Movies can depict characters growing in self-confidence, inspiring kids to embrace their abilities and worth.


Movies can illustrate the impact of our actions on the environment. They underscore the importance of sustainable behaviors, shaping environmentally conscious individuals.


Teamwork is a valuable skill in many life domains. Films can portray the power of collaboration, fostering cooperation and shared goal-setting.

Ongoing Updates

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