Top 4 Movies to Teach Students about Cultural Appreciation

May 27, 2023 By TeacherTravis 0

Understanding and respecting diverse cultures, traditions, and perspectives is vital. This concept, known as Cultural Appreciation, helps promote an inclusive and culturally aware society. Here, we’ll explore four influential movies that beautifully convey this concept. Each film presents a unique cultural background and offers valuable lessons about appreciation and understanding. So, are you curious about the Top 4 Movies to Teach Students about Cultural Appreciation? Let’s delve in!

Moana (PG – 2016)

Moana, the bold protagonist, hails from an island community in Polynesia. Her quest to save her people leads her to discover her cultural roots. The film portrays Polynesian mythology, traditions, and way of life with authenticity and respect. Moana’s journey fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of her culture, inspiring viewers to value their own heritage and that of others.

Moana Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet | Google Formats (PG - 2016)
Moana Movie Guide (PG – 2016)

Coco (PG – 2017)

Set in Mexico during the Day of the Dead celebration, Coco tells the story of Miguel, a young boy who dreams of becoming a musician. The film encapsulates the vibrant Mexican culture, family values, and traditions around the Day of the Dead. Miguel’s journey to the Land of the Dead helps him appreciate his cultural heritage and the importance of familial bonds, thereby promoting cultural appreciation among viewers.

Coco Movie Guide in Spanish | Day of the Dead | Dia de los Muertos (PG - 2017) Cover
Coco Movie Guide in Spanish | Day of the Dead | Dia de los Muertos (PG – 2017)

Encanto (PG – 2021)

In Encanto, we are transported to a magical corner of Colombia, home to the extraordinary Madrigal family. Each family member has a unique gift, except for Mirabel. As the story unfolds, it emphasizes the beauty of Colombian culture, music, and family dynamics. Mirabel’s journey to understand her family’s magic fosters appreciation of her culture and the diversity within her own family, resonating the concept of cultural appreciation.

Encanto Movie Guide Cover
Encanto Movie Guide

Turning Red (PG – 2022)

Turning Red introduces us to Mei, a 13-year-old girl navigating the challenges of adolescence while grappling with a family secret that turns her into a giant red panda. Set in Toronto’s Chinese community, the film beautifully blends Chinese folklore with the struggles of a modern teenager. Mei’s journey to balance her cultural heritage with her individual identity encourages viewers to appreciate and respect cultural diversity.

Turning Red Movie Guide | Worksheet | Questions | Google Slides (PG - 2022)
Turning Red Movie Guide (PG – 2022)

Under the Same Moon (PG-13 – 2007)

Under the Same Moon tells the heart-wrenching story of a Mexican boy who crosses the U.S. border to find his mother. The film highlights the harsh realities of immigration and the strong cultural ties that bind families together, regardless of distance. It encourages viewers to empathize with different cultural experiences and appreciate the strength of the human spirit across cultures.

Under the Same Moon Movie Guide | Worksheet | Questions (PG13 - 2007) Cover
Under the Same Moon Movie Guide (PG13 – 2007)

Movies can be an engaging way to encourage conversations and impart essential lessons to students. The films listed here offer rich insights into different cultures and promote the concept of cultural appreciation. So, what did you think of our picks for the Top 4 Movies to Teach Students about Cultural Appreciation? Do you have other movies that you think should be included in this list? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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