G-Rated Movies for Summer School

Summer school is a wonderful opportunity to combine learning with fun, engaging children in innovative and enjoyable ways. One such method is by utilizing the enchanting world of cinema. Movies have a unique ability to captivate young audiences while also instilling valuable lessons and sparking thought-provoking conversations. In this blog post, we will explore into five G-rated movies perfect for your summer school curriculum, suitable for all ages. These films range from inspiring journeys of self-discovery to whimsical tales teeming with creativity and imagination. Each movie provides its own unique set of lessons, from the importance of family and friendship to the value of courage, honesty, and environmental stewardship. So, prepare your popcorn and get ready to watch G-Rated Movies for Summer School!

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Finding Nemo (G – 2003)

In Finding Nemo, we dive deep into the heart of the vast and colorful Great Barrier Reef, accompanying a clownfish named Marlin on a daring journey to find his lost son, Nemo. This film stirs up discussions about family, bravery, and the power of perseverance. As children watch Marlin’s unwavering devotion to Nemo, they learn about the lengths one will go for love, showcasing the importance of family and the courage it takes to face our fears. Finding Nemo also provides a captivating glimpse into the wonders of the undersea world, encouraging an appreciation for marine life and the need for its conservation. Motivate students to value their families, confront their fears, and become advocates for the preservation of our oceanic ecosystems.

Finding Nemo Movie Guide | Worksheet | Questions | Google Slides (G - 2003) Cover
Finding Nemo Movie Guide (G – 2003)

IMDb Page for Finding Nemo

IMDb Parents Guide for Finding Nemo

The Lion King (G – 1994)

The Lion King transports us to the stunning plains of the African savannah, where a young lion prince named Simba embarks on a journey of self-discovery. This film sparks dialogues about responsibility, the circle of life, and the importance of embracing our destiny. As kids witness Simba’s transformation from a playful cub into a wise and benevolent king, they learn about the significance of personal growth, leadership, and the strength of community. The Lion King also highlights the beauty of the African wilderness, promoting an appreciation for wildlife and the importance of its protection. Inspire students to take responsibility, value their community, and become champions for wildlife conservation.

The Lion King Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet | Google Formats (G - 1994)
The Lion King Movie Guide (G – 1994)

IMDb Page for The Lion King

IMDb Parents Guide for The Lion King

Aladdin (G – 1992)

Aladdin takes us on a magic carpet ride through the bustling streets of Agrabah and the expansive Arabian deserts, where a resourceful “diamond in the rough,” Aladdin, finds a magic lamp that could change his life forever. This film creates an environment for discussions about honesty, the dangers of greed, and the true meaning of wealth. As children follow Aladdin’s journey from a street urchin to a selfless hero, they learn about the importance of honesty, integrity, and the power of love over material possessions. Aladdin also provides a glimpse into the vibrant culture and folklore of the Middle East, fostering an appreciation for diversity and cultural understanding. Encourage students to value honesty, understand the importance of selflessness, and promote respect for cultural diversity.

IMDb Page for Aladdin

IMDb Parents Guide for Aladdin

Aladdin Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet | Google Slides (G - 1992)
Aladdin Movie Guide (G – 1992)

Monsters, Inc. (G – 2001)

Monsters, Inc. takes us on a thrilling journey into the world of monsters, where laughter fuels their society. This film offers a unique perspective on overcoming fears and embracing differences. As children watch the friendship between the lovable monster Sulley and the energetic Boo, they learn valuable lessons about empathy, understanding, and the power of laughter. The movie also encourages critical thinking as kids explore the concept of energy and how it can be harnessed in different ways. Spark discussions about teamwork, compassion, and the importance of laughter in our lives.

Monsters, Inc. (2001) – IMDb

IMonsters, Inc. (2001) – Parents Guide – IMDb

G-Rated Movies for Summer School
Monsters, Inc. Movie Guide (G – 2001)

Wall-E (G – 2008)

Wall-E takes us to a futuristic Earth where a lovable robot named Wall-E discovers the true meaning of life and love. This film raises important discussions about environmental responsibility, consumerism, and the consequences of neglecting our planet. As kids witness Wall-E’s determination and resilience in his quest to restore Earth, they learn valuable lessons. Lessons about taking care of our environment and the impact of our actions. Wall-E also emphasizes the importance of human connection, highlighting the value of relationships in our lives. Encourage students to become stewards of the Earth and inspire them to make a positive difference in their communities.

IMDb Page for Wall-E

IMDb Parents Guide for Wall-E

G-Rated Movies for Summer School
WALL-E Movie Guide (G – 2008)


Movies wield the extraordinary power to stimulate conversation, ignite creativity, and impart essential life lessons to young minds. By incorporating these five films into your summer school syllabus – Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Aladdin, Monster’s Inc, and Wall-E – you can foster an engaging and enriching environment where students can learn, evolve, and find inspiration. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on our selection of G-Rated Movies for Summer School. Are there other films you would recommend for such a list? We welcome your insights and suggestions!

Each movie in our list carries a G rating by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), indicating that they should be suitable for audiences of all ages. Nevertheless, we recommend checking the parents guide provided for each movie to ensure they are appropriate for your specific group of students. We hope that these films make your summer school program a memorable and educational experience for your students!

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