Perfect for Summer Homeschooling Activities

This Perfect for Summer Homeschooling Activities provides over 20 hours of engaging, no prep, activities for kids! All you need is a Disney + account and this product : ) Summer offers an excellent opportunity to merge learning with leisure. Movies, particularly those timeless classics from the ’90s, can be a splendid medium for this purpose. In this post, we’re going to delve into an intriguing line-up of Disney Plus movies. Each one is perfect for both educating and entertaining children throughout the summer. In collaboration with these filmic gems, we also provide carefully curated movie guides to prompt thoughtful discussions and reinforce valuable lessons.

Let’s get started on this cinematic journey:

First up is Mulan (PG – 1998). This epic tale of courage and determination will captivate children as they delve into themes of identity and duty. Our corresponding worksheet helps them engage with these concepts, highlighting the importance of challenging societal expectations and fostering an understanding of bravery and self-discovery.

Next, we have FernGully (PG – 1992). This animated film is an excellent way to spark discussions about environmental conservation. Our accompanying guide prompts conversations about the repercussions of deforestation and the necessity of respecting nature. It’s an ideal method for instilling a sense of environmental responsibility in young minds.

Our third recommendation is Pocahontas (G – 1995). This beautifully crafted movie offers an engaging platform for teaching children about cultural diversity and acceptance. Not to mention, it also explores the mistakes of colonialism. Our guide further enhances these lessons, focusing on empathy, understanding, and the value of preserving one’s culture and heritage.

Then there’s Tarzan (G – 1999). A story of adaptation, acceptance of differences, and familial bonds, this film provides a gentle introduction to the complex notions of identity and belonging. Our corresponding worksheet encourages dialogue about the true meaning of family.

Don’t miss The Lion King (G – 1994). This ageless tale of personal growth and responsibility is perfect for children learning about leadership, life’s cycles, and handling loss. Our guide adds another layer of understanding, emphasizing the importance of courage, resilience, and facing responsibilities.

Ariel’s underwater journey in The Little Mermaid (G – 1989) teaches us about curiosity, freedom, and sacrifice. Our accompanying worksheet aids your child in reflecting on individuality, the power of voice, and the potential consequences of making life-altering decisions.

Aladdin (G – 1992) presents an adventure that is an excellent springboard for discussing honesty, social class, and poverty. Our movie guide emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself, focusing on the value of inner character over material wealth.

Finally, we come to A Bug’s Life (G – 1998). This delightful movie highlights the power of teamwork, courage, and innovation. Our worksheet further enriches the viewing experience by prompting discussions on overcoming obstacles, the strength of community, and the value of each individual’s contribution to a team.

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Disney Plus Movie Guides for 90s Classics - Perfect for Summer Homeschooling Activities
Disney Plus Movie Guides for 90s Classics – Perfect for Summer Homeschooling Activities