The Best Disney Princess Movies

The Best Disney Princess Movies: A Film Study Guide

The Best Disney Princess Movies: A Film Study Guide covers the past three decades, of iconic princesses, and their tales of adventure, courage, and love that resonate across generations. These films not only serve as a cornerstone of childhood memories for many but also present a rich tapestry for educational exploration. Teachers and parents have a unique opportunity to harness these narratives, turning magical movie moments into learning experiences that explore character development, cultural understanding, and ethical dilemmas. This guide outlines ten Disney princess movies, providing a structured approach to analyze and reflect on each story’s deeper lessons.

The Little Mermaid (G – 1989)

Focus: Character Analysis and Acceptance

Dive under the sea with Ariel, whose curiosity and bravery lead her on a journey beyond the ocean’s depths. The Little Mermaid offers a glimpse into the transformation of animation, inviting students to explore Ariel’s traits and King Triton’s evolving perspective on humanity. Through songs like “Under the Sea,” the film addresses themes of acceptance, challenging stereotypes, and promoting open-mindedness.

Beauty and the Beast (G – 1991)

Lesson Plan Focus: Moral Lessons and Character Development

Engage with the tale as old as time to understand the transformative power of empathy and love. Beauty and the Beast invites students to analyze the complexities of Belle and the Beast’s characters, the impact of societal perceptions, and the importance of looking beyond appearances. The film serves as a mirror, reflecting on how we change people’s opinions through our actions and the power of redemption.

Aladdin (G – 1992)

Lesson Plan Focus: Authenticity and Integrity

Aladdin’s adventure through Agrabah teaches the importance of honesty and being true to oneself. Encourage students to discuss Aladdin’s struggle with identity and the implications of his choices. This story provides a perfect backdrop for lessons on personal integrity and the consequences of deception.

Pocahontas (G – 1995)

Lesson Plan Focus: Cultural Understanding and Ethical Choices

Pocahontas challenges viewers to contemplate the repercussions of prejudice and the importance of harmony between cultures. Students are encouraged to analyze the decisions of Thomas, John Smith, and Pocahontas, offering a platform to discuss tolerance, understanding, and respect for diversity.

Mulan (G – 1998)

Lesson Plan Focus: Reflection and Identity

Mulan’s daring act to save her father and her country provides a powerful narrative on self-discovery and courage. Through her story, students can examine their own reflections, comparing the film to the original Chinese poem and exploring themes of honor, duty, and personal identity.

The Princess and the Frog (G – 2009)

Lesson Plan Focus: Cultural Appreciation and Dream Pursuit

Set against the vibrant backdrop of New Orleans, this movie guides students through Tiana’s journey of hard work and determination. Analyzing characters and setting, students gain insight into the cultural richness of New Orleans, exploring themes of ambition, sacrifice, and community.

Tangled (PG – 2010)

Lesson Plan Focus: Trust and Growth

Rapunzel’s quest for freedom intertwines with Flynn Rider’s path to redemption, offering lessons on trust, bravery, and self-discovery. Students can dissect the dynamics of their relationship, discussing the significance of overcoming fears and embracing new experiences.

Brave (PG – 2012)

Lesson Plan Focus: Destiny and Family Dynamics

Merida’s struggle against her predetermined destiny sparks discussions on independence, the consequences of our actions, and family communication. Brave encourages students to consider alternative ways to resolve conflicts and the importance of understanding in family relationships.

Frozen II (PG – 2019)

Lesson Plan Focus: Inner Strength and Exploration

Frozen II takes students on a journey into the unknown, prompting discussions on resilience, self-exploration, and the bonds of love. Analyzing the characters’ growth, the movie provides a canvas to reflect on our fears, dreams, and the strength found in vulnerability.

Moana (PG – 2016)

Lesson Plan Focus: Leadership and Cultural Identity

Moana’s voyage across the ocean serves as a metaphor for personal growth and leadership. This movie encourages students to explore themes of courage, environmental stewardship, and cultural heritage, fostering a connection to one’s roots and the broader world.


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The Best Disney Princess Movies offer more than enchanting stories…

They are gateways to discussions on critical life lessons, cultural appreciation, and ethical decision-making. As educators and parents, we have the opportunity to guide our students and children through these narratives, encouraging them to think critically, empathize with others, and understand the world around them. So, grab some popcorn and embark on a magical movie marathon that educates, entertains, and inspires.

Let’s turn these timeless tales into lessons that will prepare our young ones for the challenges and adventures of life. Share your experiences and thoughts on how these movies have impacted your teaching or parenting approach in the comments below. Together, we can make learning a truly magical journey.