Movies for Teacher Appreciation Week

Hey film lovers and educators let’s talk about Movies for Teacher Appreciation Week! As this special week (May 6-10) draws near, why not make it extra special this year by bringing some cinematic inspiration into your classrooms? Here is a list of fantastic movies that not only celebrate the undying spirit and dedication of teachers but also provide valuable lessons that can ignite a passion for learning in students.

Movies for Teacher Appreciation Week:

  1. “Freedom Writers” (PG-13 – 2007) 📚✨

What happens when a teacher decides to rewrite the conventional curriculum to reach her class? “Freedom Writers” stars Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell, a young teacher who introduces her at-risk students to the power of writing, enabling them to take control of their stories and change their futures. Grab our movie guide to help your students reflect on their own educational journeys and the importance of self-expression.

Freedom Writers Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet | Google (PG13 - 2007) Cover

  1. “Stand and Deliver” (PG – 1988) 📐🌟

Ever thought algebra could change your life? Jaime Escalante (played by Edward James Olmos), an inspiring math teacher, proves it can. “Stand and Deliver” tells the remarkable story of how a teacher empowers his underachieving students to master calculus, challenging their own perceptions of their capabilities. Use our guide to discuss themes of perseverance and the transformative power of high expectations.

Stand and Deliver Movie Viewing Guide | Worksheet | Google Formats (PG - 1988)

  1. “The Ron Clark Story” (PG – 2006) 🏫👣

Imagine leaving your comfort zone to make a difference. That’s what Ron Clark, portrayed by Matthew Perry, does when he moves from a small town to one of the toughest schools in New York City. This movie is perfect for discussing the impact of innovative teaching methods and the importance of cultural responsiveness in education.

The Ron Clark Story Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet | Google (PG - 2006) | Cover

  1. “The Great Debaters” (PG-13 – 2007) 🗣️🏆

Set during the 1930s, “The Great Debaters” stars Denzel Washington in the true story of a debate coach who shapes a group of students from an African-American college into an elite debate team. It’s a powerful reminder of the impact educators can have in challenging students to think critically and speak confidently. Our guide will help you explore historical context and rhetorical skills with your students.

The Great Debaters Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet | Google (PG13-2007)

  1. “Dead Poets Society” (PG – 1989) 📖❤️

“Carpe diem!” Seize the day with Robin Williams as the unorthodox English teacher who uses poetry to inspire his students to break free from the constraints of expectations. The movie is a beautiful exploration of creativity in education, and with our guide, you can encourage students to find their own voices.

Dead Poets Society Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet | Google Classroom (PG - 1989) Cover


  1. “Lean On Me” (PG-13 – 1989) 🏫🚪

Watch Morgan Freeman transform into Joe Clark, the hard-hitting principal who revitalizes a failing school by demonstrating tough love and unwavering commitment. It’s a great conversation starter for discussions on leadership and educational reform.

Lean On Me Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet (PG13 - 1989) Cover

Why not make a week of it?

Plan a movie viewing during Teacher Appreciation Week, discuss key themes, and encourage students to reflect on the influence of educators in their lives. Our movie guides engage students, challenge to really think and make each viewing an educational experience.


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