Elementary Movies for Mental Health Awareness

Are you seeking educational Elementary Movies for Mental Health Awareness to show in your classroom? As May is designated as Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s a perfect time to educate elementary students about emotional intelligence, resilience, and empathy. Mental health education is crucial from an early age, helping students understand their emotions, develop empathy for others, and cultivate coping skills that will benefit them throughout life. So, what films can be effectively used in the classroom to support this important cause? While these films do not cover mental health disorders explicitly, they offer accessible narratives that help young minds grasp complex emotional concepts and the importance of mental wellness.

Inside Out (PG – 2015)

Explore the mind of young Riley as she navigates a significant life change. “Inside Out” is brilliant for explaining the spectrum of human emotions and the role they play in our decision-making, perfect for starting conversations about emotional health.

Wonder (PG – 2017)

Follow the inspiring journey of Auggie Pullman, a boy with facial differences, as he attends school for the first time. This film promotes understanding and kindness, showcasing the psychological impacts of physical differences and the strength found in acceptance and friendship.

Frozen (PG – 2013)

Explore the story of Elsa and Anna, where themes of fear, isolation, and self-acceptance are central. “Frozen” makes a great tool for discussing anxiety and the importance of embracing one’s unique traits.

My Neighbor Totoro (G – 1988)

Join two sisters in this enchanting tale as they adjust to new surroundings and cope with their mother’s illness. This film is wonderful for discussing stress, anxiety, and the therapeutic nature of connection with the environment and imagination.

Zootopia (PG – 2016)

Discover the bustling city where a bunny cop and a fox con artist team up to uncover a mystery. “Zootopia” addresses prejudices and biases, providing a foundation for discussing the mental strain stereotypes can cause and the value of empathy and inclusivity.

The Little Prince (PG – 2015)

Experience the magical world of the Little Prince through the eyes of a young girl learning the essence of friendship and the complexity of adult world. This film is perfect for discussing loneliness, friendship, and the emotional growth that comes from meaningful relationships.

Why Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month with Movies?

Hosting a film viewing during Mental Health Awareness Month can transform a regular school day into an enriching educational experience. These films not only entertain but also serve as gentle introductions to discussions about emotions, mental health, and social skills. Our movie guides are crafted to facilitate deep, meaningful discussions, helping connect students to fundamental concepts of mental and emotional well-being.

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