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Movie reviews for teachers by a teacher.  What makes a movie worth taking up the class time to show it? In these blog posts, I’ll give my opinion about whether or not a movie is worth showing in the classroom.

Top 5 Educational Movies this Summer to Show Your Kids

Here are my top 5 educational movies this summer to show your kids: Summer is upon us and for many parents the struggle to fill the day is real. Don’t feel guilty about settling your kids down to watch a movie. It doesn’t have to be a passive brain drain. Engage your kids with a […]

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The BFG Movie Guide Cover

Summer Activities for Kids: The BFG Movie Guide (PG – 2016)

Use The BFG Movie Guide to encourage students to explore the following concepts: Optimism The big friendly giant, has lived many lifetimes and has seen the ups and downs of humanity. He has an even keel towards life and isn’t overly optimistic or pessimistic. Sophie has grown up in an orphanage, and although she isn’t negative […]

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Coolest Art Project

Motivating Student Art Project – LINE Stickers

Warning: This art project requires some skill using vector art with software such as Adobe Illustrator. Alright, so this isn’t related to educational movie guides for students which my site is dedicated to, however, over the past few weeks my 6th grade students have been working on creating their own set of LINE stickers. This […]

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Movie Guides: A Necessity in the Classroom

Don’t show another movie and feel guilty that students aren’t learning anything! Movies definitely deserve a place in the classroom. If you select the right movies along with high quality movie guides, it can make a long lasting impact! I still remember watching Roots in 8th grade as we were learning about America history. My teacher […]

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