Free Classroom Resources

These free classroom resources include some huge wall-sized maps and posters that I’ve used in my classroom. I hope they are useful for your classroom. Please read the instructions that go along with each map and poster so they print out to be the expected size. Here are some general tips for putting these huge posters together.

Cutting and Piecing Together

Because most printers/copiers have at least some sort of margin when printing, you’ll need to cut off the white space at the edges of your printed pages before fitting them together. I’d suggest starting at the middle and working your way out on both sides so you don’t end up a lot of misaligned print. Also, you don’t need to cut off the margins of all the sides of every page, only the page that will overlap the other page.


There is approximately 2cm of overlap printed on each page. This allows you to have a buffer for fitting the pieces together smoothly.