High School

These movie guides are recommended for high school students. Consequently they are usually rated either PG-13 or R and hence some of them aren’t suited for students below the age of 13. ¬†In addition, I recommend always checking a parental review, on IMDb for example, before showing these videos to your students to check if they are suitable for your student population. ¬†Probably, the best course of action is to preview the entire movie before showing it while looking for any additional content you’d like to point out to your students.

Movies in high school classrooms provide valuable instructional opportunities, engaging students and enhancing their understanding of historical and social studies topics. Incorporating films like “Hidden Figures” and other famous movies into the curriculum captivates students’ attention and deepens their knowledge.

Movies also promote empathy and perspective-taking. By immersing themselves in the lives and experiences of historical figures, students gain insight into different perspectives and develop a more comprehensive understanding of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Leveraging movies like “Hidden Figures” and other renowned films in high school classrooms provides a powerful educational tool. These movies bring history to life, inspire critical thinking, foster empathy, and encourage collaborative learning. By harnessing the captivating power of films, educators can create engaging and impactful learning experiences that resonate with students long after the credits roll.

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