Classroom Management Badge Program | 20 Badges

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This Classroom Management Badge Program | 20 Badges is inspired by the APA Inspired by the APA’s Top 20 Badge Program (see disclaimer below), this product offers a simple and engaging way to boost student achievement and emotional growth in the classroom. The program uses 20 badges, each one representing a key learning principle. As students display behaviors linked to these principles, they earn badges, sparking their enthusiasm, enhancing their performance, and nurturing their social skills. Originally intended for whole schools or districts, this product adapts the badge system for individual classrooms. This means any teacher can use it, helping to make their classroom a positive and motivating space that encourages continuous learning. This grassroots approach could lead to big changes school-wide, improving learning outcomes and emotional development across the board. Find out more about the American Psychological Association’s official Top 20 Badge Program here:


The product package includes various components designed for a smooth integration of the badge system in classrooms:

  • Full Size Badges: These are modeled on the standard size used by Scouts and come in a 2.5cm format. The PDF format features 12 badges per standard A4 paper size for easy printing and visibility.
  • Small Size Badges: These smaller badges are tailored for the included student display posters, allowing all 20 badges to be displayed on a single A4 paper size.
  • Individual Badges: High-resolution individual badge files (640×640 pixels, 300dpi, CYMK PNGs) are provided for digital use or for any unique classroom needs.
  • Badge Poster: A comprehensive A3 size poster displays all 20 badges with short descriptions for each, serving as a quick reference for students.
  • Color and Black & White Options: All the above components are available in both color and black and white to cater to different printing capabilities.
  • Teacher’s Implementation Guide: This 15-page guide offers a deep dive into the program, elaborating on its usage and providing examples of behaviors to recognize for each badge.
  • Introduction to Badges for Students: A 21-slide presentation designed to introduce students to each badge and explain the criteria for earning them.
  • NOTE: Check out the preview zip file for higher resolution sample images and full size examples of the Growth Mindset Badge.

The Classroom Management Badge Program | 20 Badges includes a teacher’s guide on implementation, but as each classroom is unique, teachers may adapt the system to their needs, using the guide as inspiration.

  • Setting Clear Expectations: The guide provides direction on establishing criteria for earning each badge.
  • Incorporating Badges into Learning Activities: The system can be embedded into daily classroom activities, providing ample opportunities for badge earning.
  • Providing Regular Feedback: Badges are intended as a constructive form of feedback and not a form of punishment.
  • Celebrating Success: The guide encourages celebration of badge acquisition to reinforce value and effort.
  • Implementing the Badges: The guide provides suggestions for printing, laminating, and displaying badges in various ways, catering to different classroom setups.
  • Award Timing: Teachers can choose to award badges immediately or during special recognition times, based on their classroom dynamics.
  • Badge Removal: The guide outlines a delicate badge removal process involving clear communication and consistent warnings, should the need arise.
  • Reward Programs: The system can be paired with reward programs like special privileges or a classroom currency system, with rewards tied to the number of badges earned.

This Classroom Management Badge Program | 20 Badges, drawing inspiration from the APA’s educational principles, includes:

Thinking and Learning Badges:

  • Growth Mindset Badge: For students showing they can grow with effort.
  • Practice Makes Perfect Badge: For those dedicated to mastering skills.
  • Cultural Awareness Badge: For acknowledging the influence of culture on learning.
  • Prior Knowledge Badge: For leveraging past knowledge in new contexts.
  • Engaged Learner Badge: For active participation in learning.
  • Value Creator Badge: For contributing to a positive learning community.

Motivation Badges:

  • Goal Setter Badge: For setting and pursuing challenging goals.
  • Joyful Learner Badge: For showing enjoyment in learning.
  • Persistence Badge: For exhibiting effort and persistence in achieving goals.

Social-Emotional Learning Badges:

  • Team Player Badge: For cooperative learning and problem solving.
  • Interactive Learning Badge: For active engagement in learning.
  • Contextual Learner Badge: For connecting new information to meaningful contexts.

Classroom Management Badges:

  • Challenge Seeker Badge: For engaging in challenging but achievable tasks.
  • Safe Learner Badge: For promoting a safe and supportive learning environment.

Assessing Student Progress Badges:

  • Self-Assessment Badge: For effectively reflecting on one’s own learning.

Extra Badges:

  • Critical Thinking Badge: For analyzing information objectively.
  • Participation Badge: For actively participating in class.
  • Resilience Badge: For demonstrating strength and perseverance.
  • Good Friend Badge: For showing kindness and respect.
  • Leadership Badge: For demonstrating leadership skills.

This classroom badge system has been tailored to fit the unique needs and dynamics of an individual classroom, and thus some of the badges from the APA’s Top 20 Badge Program have been excluded because they closely overlap with others or don’t fit well into a classroom setting.

Excluded badges include:

  • Neuroplasticity Badge: This overlaps with the Self-Assessment Badge, as both involve student reflection on their learning process.
  • Effective Feedback Badge: This badge, while important, is more relevant to teachers rather than students.
  • Self-Regulation Badge: This badge is closely related to the Goal Setter Badge, which also encourages students to plan and achieve their learning goals.
  • Assessment Guru Badge: This overlaps with the Self-Assessment Badge, as both involve assessing learning progress.
  • Strengths Spotlight Badge: While every student has strengths, in a classroom setting, it’s important to support all students equally, regardless of their specific strengths.

To round out the top 20 badges these additional extra badges that are not explicitly mentioned in the APA program but align well with its principles have been added.

  • Critical Thinking Badge: For objective analysis, aligns with Thinking and Learning Badges.
  • Participation Badge: For active class participation, aligns with Classroom Management Badges.
  • Resilience Badge: For showing strength and perseverance, aligns with Motivation Badges.
  • Good Friend Badge: For showing kindness and respect, aligns with Social-Emotional Learning Badges.
  • Leadership Badge: For demonstrating leadership skills, aligns with Social-Emotional Learning Badges.

*DISCLAIMER: The Classroom Management Badge Program outlined here, including all associated materials, is an independent creation intended to be utilized in an educational setting. It has been inspired by, but not authorized, sponsored, or otherwise endorsed by the American Psychological Association, the Top 20 Badge Program, or any entities connected with them. The program is not intended to replicate or replace any officially licensed or endorsed materials. The Top 20 Principles for Pre-K to 12 Education, along with their related badges and content, are copyrighted and owned by the American Psychological Association.

Classroom Management Badge Program | 20 Badges CoverClassroom Management Badge Program | 20 Badges CoverClassroom Management Badge Program | 20 Badges
Original price was: $9.89.Current price is: $6.89.