Crash Course Kids – Physical Science Playlist YouTube Guide


This Crash Course Kids – Physical Science Playlist YouTube Guide challenges students to get the most out of these 16 entertaining, short, yet substantive videos.

Challenge students to explore the material world, from the basics of matter to the complex behaviors of non-Newtonian fluids. Discover how matter’s properties like weight, volume, and the state of being solid, liquid, or gas, define our physical universe. Also, learn through experiments that reveal air as matter, explore the particle nature of different materials, and discuss the wonders of chemical and physical changes. Think like a material scientist and explore how materials like diamonds can be crafted in labs and the fascinating properties of oobleck. Finally, investigate how common materials behave in extraordinary environments like the vacuum of space or atop Mt. Everest.

This resource is a life-saver for multiple period, or multi-day substitutes.  Also, use it for home school curriculum for self-directed study or extra credit assignments.


Download the first episode in this playlist, What’s Matter, to see if this resource will meet your needs.

This Crash Course Kids – Physical Science Playlist YouTube Guide is meant to supplement viewing of the following YouTube videos.

  1. What’s Matter? – Crash Course Kids #3.1
  2. Part(icles) of Your World: Crash Course Kids #3.2
  3. Hunting for Properties: Crash Course Kids #9.1
  4. Measurement Mystery: Crash Course Kids #9.2
  5. Wood, Water, and Properties: Crash Course Kids #15.1
  6. The Science of Lunch: Crash Course Kids #15.2
  7. The Great Picnic Mix Up: Crash Course Kids #19.1
  8. Chemical Changes: Crash Course Kids #19.2
  9. Vacation or Conservation (Of Mass): Crash Course Kids #23.1
  10. (LEGO) Block Party: Crash Course Kids #23.2
  11. Organizing Properties: Crash Course Kids #35.1
  12. What’s My Property: Crash Course Kids #35.2
  13. Material World: Crash Course Kids #40.1
  14. Material Magic – Making Diamonds: Crash Course Kids #40.2
  15. Oobleck and Non-Newtonian Fluids: Crash Course Kids #46.1
  16. Normal Stuff in Not-So-Normal Places: Crash Course Kids #46.2

This Crash Course Kids – Physical Science Playlist YouTube Guide includes:

  • An Answer Key w/ NGSS & CCSS Alignment (PDF – 17 Pages)
  • A Student Movie Guide (PDF – 17 Pages)
  • A PDF with link to a Google Slides version (98 Slides)
  • Admin Movie Request, NGSS & CCSS alignment for entire playlist, Permission Slip (2 Pages)
  • A free resources and ‘About’ section (8 Pages – Not included in the page count for this product)

Check the preview file for high resolution sample questions to see if this guide is suitable for your students. Each of the 16 episodes in the resource has its own 1 page worksheet that consists of 3 vocabulary words, a big ideas questions, a reflection question and an extension question. These though-provoking short answers target critical thinking and higher levels of blooms taxonomy and DOK schema in an effort to do more than just ask your students to regurgitate information.

General Tips

  • Print one, double-sided video guide for each student
  • Preview the next question on the video guide as you complete each one, this can help students pay attention to important upcoming events.
  • Pause at the half way point as designated on the video guide, encourage students to debate, discuss and talk about their ideas before writing their answers.
  • Discourage students from simply copying answers.
  • Randomly choose a student to share their answer and defend it if necessary.
  • If time allows, feel free to rewind and show important parts of the movie again for additional analysis.
  • On average, this video guide will require about 20 minutes total.

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Crash Course Kids - Physical Science Playlist YouTube Guide CoverCrash Course Kids - Physical Science Playlist YouTube Guide CoverCrash Course Kids – Physical Science Playlist YouTube Guide