Disney Plus Movie Guides for 90s Classics – Perfect for Summer Homeschooling Activities


Disney Plus Movie Guides for 90s Classics – Perfect for Summer Homeschooling Activities provides over 20 hours of engaging, no prep, activities for kids! All you need is a Disney + account and this product : )

Make family movie night an engaging and educational event with this bundle of 8 interactive movie guides for 90s Disney Plus classics. This comprehensive package is designed to stimulate your child’s mind through discussion questions and fun activities, encouraging critical thinking about the movies they watch. Tailored for homeschooling or simply to enrich family movie night, the guides are conveniently matched with films available on Disney Plus, ensuring an easy access for parents to share and enjoy with their kids. By saving 30% on this bundle, you can relish in the nostalgia of Disney’s 90s classics while fostering a meaningful learning experience for your family.

Each movie worksheet includes 10-12 high-level, thought-provoking short answer and essay questions that will engage your child beyond merely recalling the movie’s events.

Inside each movie’s download file, you’ll find:

  • A child-friendly movie guide (4-5 pages in a printable PDF format)
  • An answer key (4-5 pages). Please note, some answers may differ as the questions are designed to let your child interpret and reflect upon the film, many of them being open-ended.
  • A Google Slides Version of the Movie Guide (You’ll get a PDF with a link to make a personal copy of the guide in your Google Drive)
  • CCSS Alignment Sheet – The movie guides are aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), a set of high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy. This ensures that the questions in the guide are rigorous and encourage critical thinking and reflection. So, even without a background in teaching, you can be confident that the guides will support your child’s learning effectively.

Note About .zip Files:

The movie guides are stored in .zip files, a type of compressed file format that saves storage space and allows for faster downloads. To access the contents of these .zip files, you’ll need software that can ‘unzip’ or ‘extract’ the compressed files.

If you don’t already have such a software, there are several free options available, including a popular choice like WinRAR. After downloading and installing WinRAR or a similar program, you can right-click on the .zip file and select ‘Extract Here’ or ‘Extract Files.’ The software will then unpack the contents, making them accessible for use.

Helpful Suggestions for Using the Printed or Google Slides Version of this Movie Guide:

  1. Print a double-sided copy of the movie guide for each child or use the Google Slides version for a paperless experience.
  2. Before answering each question, preview the next one on the guide. This will help your child anticipate and focus on key events in the film.
  3. Pause the movie at the times suggested in the guide to stimulate discussion and debate. Encourage your child to articulate their ideas before jotting down their answers.
  4. Inspire your child to think independently
  5. Prompt your child to explain their answer. If necessary, have them defend their viewpoint. This can help boost their critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  6. If there’s time, you might want to replay significant movie scenes for deeper understanding and analysis.
  7. Once the short answer questions are done, allocate ~10 minutes for each essay question at the end of the movie.
  8. Please note that, on average, completing this movie guide will take ~60 minutes, in addition to the movie’s duration. This time investment will greatly enrich your child’s movie-watching experience and learning.

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Disney Plus Movie Guides for 90s Classics – Perfect for Summer Homeschooling Activities includes 8 engaging worksheets that promote critical thinking skills.

Check out 8 classic 90s films:

Mulan (PG – 1998) – This epic tale of courage and determination will guide children to explore themes of identity and duty. Our accompanying worksheet encourages critical thinking on bravery, self-discovery, and the importance of challenging societal expectations.

FernGully (PG – 1992) – A perfect opportunity to introduce your child to environmental conservation. The accompanying guide will foster discussions on respecting nature, the impact of deforestation, and the power of individual actions, nurturing a budding environmental steward.

Pocahontas (G – 1995) – A poignant movie for teaching about cultural diversity, acceptance, and the mistakes of colonialism. Our movie guide will prompt discussions on empathy, understanding, and the value of preserving one’s culture and heritage.

Tarzan (G – 1999) – This film offers an avenue to discuss adaptation, family bonds, and acceptance of differences. The associated worksheet encourages dialogue about identity, belonging, and the true meaning of family.

The Lion King (G – 1994) – A classic tale of responsibility and personal growth, ideal for teaching kids about leadership, the circle of life, and handling loss. The guide will spark conversations on courage, resilience, and the importance of facing responsibilities.

The Little Mermaid (G – 1989) – Ariel’s journey encourages explorations of curiosity, freedom, and sacrifice. Our worksheet will guide your child to think critically about individuality, the power of voice, and the consequences of making significant life decisions.

Aladdin (G – 1992) – Aladdin’s adventure is an excellent platform for discussing honesty, poverty, and social class. Our movie guide helps kids understand the importance of being true to oneself and the value of inner character over material wealth.

A Bug’s Life (G – 1998) – This is a fantastic movie to teach children about teamwork, courage, and innovation. Our worksheet will spark discussions on overcoming obstacles, the strength of community, and the value of individual contributions in a team.

DISCLAIMER: The provided movie worksheets and analyses are independent compilations and are not authorized, sponsored, or otherwise endorsed by Disney or any entities associated with the creation and distribution of the specific films included. These materials do not intend to replicate or replace any officially licensed products. All movies and their associated characters and elements, as referenced within these guides, are protected by copyright owned by Disney and its related entities. These worksheets and guides are made available for educational and informational purposes only, and are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Disney, its associated production entities, or any parties involved in the making of these films.

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Get a feel for these movie guides and see if this resource is right for you. I ask questions that require students to ‘live’ on the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

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