Pixar Short Daily Journal Prompts (18 Weeks | 2nd Sem)


These Pixar Short Daily Journal Prompts (18 Weeks) are for a full semester.  There are 90 individual journal prompts, one for each day of the week for 18 weeks. Each week students analyze one Pixar Short ranging from 2 to 7 minutes (see the list of Pixar Shorts in the description). From Mater’s time-traveling adventures in “Time Travel Mater” to the profound explorations of pre-life in “22 vs. Earth,” and the inventive problem-solving in “Unparalleled Parking,” students explore themes of innovation, friendship, resilience, and the magic of the everyday. Challenge students familiarize themselves with the art of storytelling, encouraging students to analyze and reflect on character dynamics, plot intricacies, and the emotional depth behind each animated short.

Note: This product does not grant access to the Pixar shorts themselves, which can be found on various video streaming platforms, including Disney+.

The prompts in this resource are very similar to the video guide questions in the Pixar Short Video Guide Super-Duper AMAZING Bundle SAVE 50% | 30 PACK. If you don’t want journal prompts, this resource probably what you are looking :)

This product .zip file includes:

    • A PDF with link to a the Pixar Short Daily Journal Prompts Google Slides file with (108 Slides with 90 Individual Journal Prompts)
    • A free resources and ‘About’ section (8 Pages – Not included in the page count for this product)

These Pixar Short Daily Journal Prompts will challenge students to:

  • Explore themes, characters, and storytelling methods.
  • Create personal connections to each story, encouraging students to find parallels to their lives.
  • Sharpen critical thinking by analyzing narrative structures and artistic expressions within each short.
  • Broaden vocabulary and understanding through targeted discussions and written responses.
  • Enhance empathy and emotional understanding by engaging with the characters’ perspectives and challenges.
  • Discuss themes such as friendship, bravery, loss, and self-discovery, emphasizing their relevance in both the Pixar Shorts and the students’ own experiences.
  • Promote regular writing practice, enhancing students’ clarity in thought, opinion expression, and analytical capabilities.

List of Pixar Shorts, in order, for each week.

  1. “Time Travel Mater” (2012) [~6min]
  2. “The Blue Umbrella” (2013) [~7min]
  3. “Party Central” (2013) [~6min]
  4. “Riley’s First Date?” (2015) [~5min]
  5. “Piper” (2016) [~6min]
  6. “Lou” (2017) [~7min]
  7. “Auntie Edna” (2018) [~5min]
  8. “22 vs. Earth” (2021) [~7min]
  9. “To Fitness and Beyond” [~2min]
  10. “Unparalleled Parking” [~2min]
  11. “Dory Finding” [~2min]
  12. “Soul of the City” [~2min]
  13. “Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny: Love” [~2min]
  14. “Chore Day The Incredibles Way” [~2min]
  15. “A Day in the Life of the Dead” [~2min]
  16. “Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny: Three Heads” [~2min]
  17. “Dancing with the Cars” [~2min]
  18. “Cookie Num Num” [~2min]

General Tips for Using This Resource:

  1. This resource can either be projected for all students, or the Google Slides file can be shared with each student and they can write directly on each slide their response for the day.
  2. Remind students to have their notebooks or tablets ready. Play the Pixar Short. Encourage students to focus entirely on the video. No talking or distractions.
  3. Give students 5 minutes to answer the journal prompt question. This time should be continuous writing time. Focus on writing and flow, not necessarily perfect grammar, content, etc.
  4. Teachers can decide how often to replay the Pixar Short depending on their schedule, ranging from everyday to once per week.

Free Downloads!

Get a feel for these movie guides and see if this resource is right for you. I ask questions that require students to ‘live’ on the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

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Pixar Short Daily Journal Prompts (18 Weeks) CoverPixar Short Daily Journal Prompts (18 Weeks) CoverPixar Short Daily Journal Prompts (18 Weeks | 2nd Sem)