Teach CCSS with Moana’s Song You’re Welcome | Reading Literature | Theme


Teach CCSS with Moana’s Song You’re Welcome! Use this short 3 minute song to teach a ton of CCSS standards. Identify visual elements that add meaning to the lyrics throughout the song. Describe Maui’s character traits. Compare how Maui and Moana feel about the appreciation that Maui is due. Exlpore the theme of this song and more!

This song by Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, along with the lyrics on screen, can be found on YouTube here.

  • (Note: I do not own this link, if it changes, search ‘You’re Welcome Moana lyrics’ and another video should be available.

The full movie, Moana, is available for streaming on Disney + here. and the song can be found from the 38:00 minute mark.

Check the thumbnails for high resolution sample questions to see if this resource is suitable for your students. This resource consists of 7 high quality questions that target Reading Literature CCSS.

This product .zip file includes:

  • A .zip file consisting of the following PDF files:
    • A teacher lesson plan (1 page)
    • An answer key (2 pages)
    • CCSS alignment indicating standards met (1 page)
    • A PDF with link to a Google Slides version (1 page)
    • A student movie guide | Print Version (2 pages)
    • An About TeacherTravis Intro (1 page)
      • CCSS Note: I’ve taken the liberty of aligning certain reading standards with the act of consuming content via the movie instead. Although students aren’t reading they are asked to perform the same cognitive functions on the content that they consumed from the movie.
      • Differentiation Note: Although each question specifically targets one of the standards above, each question is suitable for multiple grade levels.

Here are my tips for using this Teach CCSS with Moana’s Song You’re Welcome in your classroom:

  1. Print one, double-sided Teach CCSS with Moana’s Song You’re Welcome worksheet for each student
  2. Preview the questions before beginning the song (the time is designated on the resource)
  3. Re-watch the clip multiple times if necessary and pause in between viewing to discuss or help students
    • Discussion here is great, encourage and allow students to share their ideas and thoughts for any question
    • Discourage students from simply copying answers
  4. On average, completing this activity will require about 30 minutes.

Google Classroom | Google Slide | Tips:

    1. Click on the link included in the PDF titled “Google Slides Version” and save a copy of the file to your Google Drive/Classroom
    2. Create an assignment for your students
    3. If you are using this resource for multiple classes and want to separate responses by class, create multiple copies of the Google Slides version with file names such as [Title]ClassPeriod[2] and then create assignments

Free Downloads Below:

Get a feel for these movie guides and see if this resource is right for you. I ask questions that require students to ‘live’ on the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

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Teach CCSS with Moana's Song You're Welcome | Reading Literature | Theme | CoverTeach CCSS with Moana's Song You're Welcome | Reading Literature | Theme | CoverTeach CCSS with Moana’s Song You’re Welcome | Reading Literature | Theme