Liberty’s Kids – BUNDLE – Episodes 1 – 40 Movie Guide | Worksheet

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This Liberty’s Kids – BUNDLE – Episodes 1 – 40 Movie Guide | Worksheet encourages students to take the time to stop, think and digest all the historical concepts packed into these fun, concise cartoon episodes. Challenge students to develop their EQ and life skills by asking them to analyze decisions that characters make, predict their outcomes and also imagining what they would have done if they were in their shoes.

Are you a long time Liberty’s Kids user?

Have you been using Liberty’s Kids to spice up your social studies and American history curriculum for years? Give a new and fresh, student-facing look to your curriculum with this brand new bundle!

Are you new to the Liberty’s Kids series?

This is an amazing collection of animated episodes that capture students’ interest and teaches them American History at the same time. There are 40 episodes that are about 20 minutes each and when used with these movie guides is a perfect match for a single class period. The entire season 1 (40 episodes) can currently be found on YouTube. For example on the LibertysKidsTV channel and Liberty’s Kids – WildBrain however, these are not my channels and links may or may not be available in the future.

This series comprehensively covers the time period of the American Revolution and history changing documents like Common Sense, The Declaration of Independence and The US Constitution. Get a personal look at all the historically relevant characters during this time as well, such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Lafayette and James Armistead.

This bundled movie guide .zip file includes the following episodes:

Note: The time stamps on this movie guide match up with the DVD version of these episodes, however if you have a different version of the film short descriptions of where to stop the film for each question are included.

Check the preview images for high resolution sample questions to see if this movie guide is suitable for your students. Each episode resource consists of 7 high-level, short answer reflection and essay questions that will do more than just ask your students to regurgitate information.

Digital Version Tips

  • It is intended for a paperless, 1:1 tablet/iPad classroom
  • Ask students to download a PDF editor app if they don’t already have one. It needs to have a save function as well. I used Foxit PDF.
  • Host the file. I used google drive to share a folder with students.
  • When complete, ask students to save the file in a designated google drive folder using a naming convention. (I use LastnameFirstnameMovieGuide.pdf)


Here are my tips for using Liberty’s Kids – BUNDLE – Episodes 1 – 40 Movie Guide | Worksheet in your classroom:

  1. Print one, double-sided movie guide for each student
  2. Preview each question on the movie guide as you come to it before resuming the movie
  3. Pause at the times designated on the movie guide and help students if necessary
    • Discussion here is great, encourage and allow students to share their ideas and thoughts for any question
    • Discourage students from simply copying answers
    • If needed, and if time allows, feel free to rewind and show important parts of the movie for additional analysis
  4. After completing the short answers on the movie guide, allow 5-10 minutes for each essay question at the end
  5. On average, completing this movie guide will require about 30-45 minutes in addition to the length of the movie

Liberty’s Kids – BUNDLE – Episodes 1 – 40 Movie Guide | Worksheet resource is also available on TeachersPayTeachers

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Get a feel for my work and see if this resource is right for you. I ask questions that require students to ‘live’ on the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

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