Top 5 TED-Ed Riddle Video Guide Bundle


The Top 5 TED-Ed Riddle Video Guide Bundle challenges students to navigate through a series of mind-bending puzzles that test their problem-solving skills. The guide analyzes scenarios ranging from safeguarding humanity against a prehistoric virus in a blackout to strategizing in a magical duel where each wand’s power is uncertain. Students must outwit rivals in a classic logic conundrum within a grid of houses, each hiding a distinct set of secrets. They are prompted to consider every step in a bridge-crossing quandary where timing is critical, and to engage in a mystical confrontation where their choices determine victory or defeat. Throughout, students are encouraged to analyze, strategize, and calculate their way to success through these immersive and interactive riddles.

On the Fence? Try the first episode’s guide in this playlist before you buy it!

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Tips for using this Top 5 TED-Ed Riddle Video Guide Bundle in your classroom:

    • Print one, double-sided worksheet from the Top 5 TED-Ed Riddle Video Guide Bundles for each student
    • Preview the next question on the YouTube guide as you complete each one, this can help students pay attention to important upcoming events.
    • Pause at the times designated on the YouTube guide, encourage students to debate, discuss and talk about their ideas before writing their answers.
    • Discourage students from simply copying answers.
    • Randomly choose a student to share their answer and defend it if necessary.
    • If time allows, feel free to rewind and show important parts of the clip again for additional analysis.
    • On average, this YouTube guide will require about 15~20 minutes per episode

This .zip file includes:

    • An Answer Key w/ CCSS Alignment (PDF – 6 Pages)
    • A Student Movie Guide (PDF – 6 Pages)
    • A PDF with link to a Google Slides version (34 Slides)

Click the links below or search YouTube for the video for each riddle.

#1 – Can You Solve the Bridge Riddle?

Discover how to strategize under time constraints and mutant threats in this challenging bridge riddle. Learn the optimal ways to utilize character speeds and a single lantern to ensure all characters cross a gorge safely within 17 minutes. Explore various incorrect strategies and the correct approach involving pairing and sequence of crossings.

#2 – Can You Solve the Famously Difficult Green-Eyed Logic Puzzle?

Examine the psychological and logical intricacies of deducing one’s own eye color without direct communication or reflection. Understand the strategic use of common knowledge and inductive reasoning in a constrained environment dictated by a harsh rule. Reflect on the gradual realization process among prisoners, leading to a collective escape based on minimal information.

#3 – Can You Solve “Einstein’s Riddle”?

Engage with a complex logic puzzle involving the process of elimination and meticulous organization via a grid method. Track clues relating to homeowners’ attributes across five houses to deduce the residence of a stolen fish. Analyze the sequential application of given clues to progressively narrow down possibilities and solve the riddle.

#4 – Can You Solve the Virus Riddle?

Navigate the Hamiltonian Path Problem in a theoretical virus containment scenario within a laboratory’s grid layout. Strategize to decontaminate each room exactly once, considering the limitations of re-entry and grid properties. Evaluate the implications of starting in a non-contaminated room and the necessity of an exit strategy.

#5 – Can you solve the wizard standoff riddle?

Explore another intricate puzzle or problem-solving scenario not detailed in the provided text. Anticipate a setup involving unique rules, character interactions, or logical challenges similar to the other riddles. Reflect on potential strategies, common pitfalls, and the correct approach to achieve the objective under given constraints.

Google Classroom | Google Slide | Tips:

    • Click on the link included in the PDF titled “Google Slides Version” and save a copy of the file to your Google Drive/Classroom
    • Create an assignment for your students
    • If you are using this resource for multiple classes and want to separate responses by class, create multiple copies of the Google Slides version with file names such as [Title]ClassPeriod[2] and then create assignments

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Get a feel for these movie guides and see if this resource is right for you. I ask questions that require students to ‘live’ on the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

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Top 5 TED-Ed Riddle Video Guide BundleTop 5 TED-Ed Riddle Video Guide BundleTop 5 TED-Ed Riddle Video Guide Bundle